Meet Joe

Joe is a 50-year-old small business owner that does well on a day to day basis, but is usually hindered by one of the following problems:






Debt Interest Rate Balance Payments
Equipment 5% $74,000 $4,600
Car 3.5% $11,600 $380
Equipment 5.5% $109,100 $3,650
Truck 5.25% $17,200 $420
Construction Loan 4.5% $1,500,000 $15,546
LOC 5.99% $32,000 $325
Prsn Residence 4% $392,200 $1,950
Total Debt Ave = 4.82% $2,135,900 $26,286
Debt Interest Rate Balance Payments
Equipment 5% $74,000 $4,600
Car 3.5% $11,600 $380
Equipment 5.5% $109,100 $3,650
Truck 5.25% $17,200 $420
Construction Loan 4.5% $1,500,000 $15,546
LOC 5.99% $32,000 $325
Prsn Residence 4% $392,200 $1,950
Total Debt Ave = 4.82% $2,135,900 $26,286

Joe’s current debt situation..

Joe’s business will be in debt for 27.8 years, paying over $650k in interest!

Total Debt: $2,135,900
Total Interest Paid: $650,880

Real Debt: $2,786,780

What if we could show you how to:

Eliminate Debt

Increase Cashflow

Create Flexibility

Potentially Decrease Taxes

GSP Business Solutions

What did GSP Business Solutions do for Joe?

Current Debt Plan
Payoff Years


GSP Debt Payoff


Interest Saved


*In addition, Joe has now freed up over $26k/mo or $312k every year to improve cash flow and create other business opportunities.

Additional Benefits:

Paid for Home & Business
Home Worth Approximately
Business Worth
$5 Million

GSP is not only for families, but also for businesses.

To put this into perspective:

In the same time frame that it was going to take Joe’s business to get out of debt, he would be debt free and potentially have over $10 million in liquidity in 28 years!


Succession Planing

Equipment Financing

Exit Strategy

Tax Savings

Payoff Debt

Increase Cash Flow


Eliminate Debt

Flexible Premium

Finance Buisiness Equipment

Death Benefits

Policy CV Tax Free

Less Depreciation: Results in Increase Business Value

Next StepS

Identify Business / Personal Needs

Inventory reserves, assets, inefficient monies, etc.

Begin underwriting process to get qualified

We teach business owners how to:

Eliminate Debt

Increase Cash Flow

Potencially Reduce Taxes


GSP Financial business owner planning is a fantastic opportunity for small business owners to not only help their business, but also help their family and their retirement.

In the early years of a business money is very lean. All profits that come in are used to keep the business above water. Your saving habits must start as soon as possible but at times pushed away to the side because the business is hungry and must be fed. Frequently small businesses owners feed this hunger while acquiring a large amount of debt. Businesses need more marketing dollars to sell their product or services, They will need new employees to grow there business, and the list goes on and on.

GSP Financial can be a great source of funds for these expenditures and you can capture excess interest and all the principal that you will be paying all the other financial institutes, and at the same time, create a tax-free retirement fund for yourself. From payroll to petty cash, your funds are continuously moving through GSP Financial. Whenever a business owner utilizes the advantages of GSP Financial, their reliance on financial institutes for working for capital quickly diminishes. In time, the business can produce 100% of all its financing needs directly from GSP Financial.

There is also an additional benefit: The IRS allows the interest to be deducted on legitimate business loans, which you’ll want to finance from GSP Financial.


  • Here are some of the infinite possibilities for businesses.
  • Business Loans
  • Employee Retirement Programs
  • Company Supplies
  • Purchase large equipment
  • Finance Payroll
  • Travel Expenditures
  • Your lease/building space
  • Employee Health & Wellness Plan
  • Company Retreats/Business Conferences
  • Marketing Events like Season Tickets for Athletics Teams
  • Company Automobiles
  • Factoring for additional businesses
  • Corporate Real estate
  • Business Acquisitions & Merger
  • Add Fringe Benefits to draw Key Employees
  • Produce a Tax-Free Stream of Income at Retirement

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I was reviewing our bills and was frustrated that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to lower our debt. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. After listening to (my YFB producer) and seeing the numbers on paper, I have to admit, the program intrigued me. I told them that at this point there had to be a better way then what I was doing and was willing to try anything. Come to find out, (this) way was better. We have now been on the plan for almost two years now and have paid off over $50,000.00 in debt. I should also mention that we have not had to change our lifestyle either. Our personalized financial plan shows that we could be completely debt-free within 10 years, including our mortgage, and still be able to send our 2 children to college and retire without financial hardship. Thank you for being patient with a skeptic and providing the tools to obtain a debt-free future.

Erika M.




When I think of the long-term effects on those who read Becoming Your Own Banker, I see: Less divorce in our country. Most of the divorces have financial matters at their root. Less need for government interference in out lives. Obeying the principles will preclude the need for Social Security. Peace of mind. This will have an effect of life span and overall health. Control of your own destiny. The ability to serve others more effectively. This concept allows all these things to happen. I'm glad I was introduced to it many years ago and was able to play a part in its development.

Roland J. Nelson




The concept offers a chance to accumulate much greater sums of money 'tax-free' than is possible with IRAs or 401(k) plans, without being forced to wait until age 59 ½ to use the money without penalties, or being forced to begin taxable withdrawals at 70 ½.



Kent Basson




I wish I had learned about building my own private bank concepts earlier. Now I am in the 4th year of building my own bank. However, I was able to finance a car last year already if I wanted to. The system is amazingly simple to follow and it makes so much sense for real wealth building and preservation. It provides more than recovering the interests and cost of the car and any major purchases; it also provides many instant tax-favored benefits I did not have before. I am not only using the system for car purchase, I am also building my own bank for an emergency cash reserve, liquid cash for other investment opportunities, my retirement savings, etc. I wish I had started the system much earlier.

C. L.



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